3 Budget Updates Bathroom Renovators Will Love

Everyone enjoys the look and feel of a well renovated bathroom. It is common knowledge that the most value added to a home is in the bathroom and the kitchen. However, many people are disappointed because updates can be expensive to buy and install. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you have some solid DIY skills, even a modest budget can accomplish quite a lot.

Here are three budget options to explore when renovating your bathroom.

  1. A New Mirror

One of the first things which degrade a bathroom is the mirror, and especially at the edges, it can look awful. The edges can peel and flake which leads to ugly black marks and staining. The center of the mirror can also become tarnished making it harder to use and unattractive. The best bathroom renovators on a budget always look for new ways to practically recycle. If your mirror is fine apart from the edge, you could simply make a wooden frame that will hide the ugly marks. If the mirror cannot be saved, why not replace it with a practical wall mounted bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors?

  1. All Change at the Taps

This may seem complicated for the fledgling DIYers out there, but changing taps is quite easy to do. New taps can add an instant touch of class that was lacking earlier and there is no need to get into any complicated plumbing. If you are on a severe budget, you could try to give your metal taps a deep, comprehensive clean up. This can be achieved by soaking them in cola or white vinegar to remove any built up limescale. Afterward, they can be scrubbed with baking soda and lemon juice to get them clean. If you have brass taps, they can be polished up with a brass or metal cleaning paste to make them nice and shiny.

  1. Replacing the Vanity

In many tired looking bathrooms you will find an old worn out vanity that has seen better days. The unit may be water damaged with the accompanying peeling and discolouration. Even a cheap new vanity with a fresh sink will look far better, and newer design have loads of storage. Once the vanity is in, you will notice that the space is brighter and cleaner immediately. It may be possible to renovate the old vanity, but this is usually not worth the effort unless it is a genuine antique.

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